Here you are able to create templates that you will use to send email to your customers, it will allow you staff to work faster as they can select already designed templates with logos and also the system allows you to select variables which will be auto populated in the template like the customers name, travel dates to also reduce the time to respond and to mitigate any mistakes.


Here is an example of Booking Quote Template.


You can add attachments you always want to send with the email for example useful information about the hotel.

  • Under the email configuration tab you can select who send the email by default and also if anyone else gets a copy.
  • Advanced settings allow you to chose a different outgoing mail server if you needed to ( not often needed) and also if you want the email deleted after send.
  • The Dynamic Place Holder Generator is where you search for the variables in the sales module that you want auto populated in the email.

Here are all the options for dynamic placeholders. Place these tags where you wish to display information from the record in your email. 

eg : Dear ${object.partner_name or ''},

will convert to Dear Joe Doe,

Name: ${object.partner_name or ''}

Address Street 1: ${object.street or ''}

Address Street 2: ${object.street2 or ''}

City: ${ or ''}

Country: ${object.country_id and or ''}

Zip: ${ or ''}

Phone: ${ or ''}

Mobile: ${ or ''}

Email: ${object.email_from or ''}

Booking ID: ${object.booking_no or ''}

Salesperson: ${ or ''}

Booking Total: ${ or ''} ${object.booking_total or ''}

Payment Recieved: ${ or ''} ${object.payment_total or ''}

Booking Balance: ${ or ''} ${object.booking_balance or ''}

Booking Reference: ${object.referred or ''} Promo Type: ${object.prom_line_id and or ''}

Date Depart Home: ${object.date_dep_home or ''}

Date Depart Hotel: ${object.date_dep or ''}

Departing from which country: ${object.dep_country_id and or ''}

No. of Adults: ${object.no_adults or '0'}

No. of Children: ${object.no_children or '0'}

No. of Infants: ${object.no_infants or '0'}

Depart Airport: ${object.dep_airport or ''}

Class of Travel: ${object.class_of_trvl or ''}

Remarks: ${object.description or ''}

There is a preview button to see what the template will look like as a ready to send email. Just like any editor you can use bold, italics, underline, you can change font size and add ain image or make a html link over a word, choose text colour and background color etc.

You can also just paste in a word doc with images and all from another source to speed up the process.

Once you save this template it will always be available for the sales staff to grab to use to send an email to a customer.