Marketing Module

This module is where you can create rich html (emails with pictures) email messages to send your customers or prospective customers.

Here you can also add customers manually to your lists, you can also import lists from other sources. 

The newsletter widget on your website also collects emails from people who would like to see your monthly newsletter and adds them to the newsletter mailing list. 

All people who fill out a form on your website for a deal or offer, so anyone who comes into the sales module, also gets added to a mailing list automatically here. 

The Report tab shows you the response and stats for any marketing mails you send to your customers.


Above is the default mailing lists you have day one. You can add as many new ones as you like. You click create and chose a name for the list and if its active or not.


You see there is also an import button to import a mailing list from another source.


You can test import the file to make sure it will work. You can import in cvs or xls file format. To make sure you have the right file format i would export a current list and make sure your import data matches this.