Digital Marketing

This section is restricted to Admin level users. This has two drop down tabs.


This is a live link to your Google Adwords account, so you can see a report on your adwords spend and perfofmance live. This report allows you to select different dates from today backwards to see detailed analysis of your adwords campaign, if you have this service with us.



This is a detailed report on the filled in forms linked to each of your deals pages. 

This gives you live stats on what your prospective customers are asking for, and a running total of forms submited, along with a graph of daily submissions so you can see how many leads are coming in, what deals they are responding to the most, and also details about where they are from, and dates they want to stay, also giving you very good idea of what time period is currently the key demad period.

You can filter the data with the functions at the top of the report to get even more detail, and for specific date period.