Full New Booking

This option allows you to add in more options into the booking such as extras, notes, and the option to add more than 1 room to the same booking. As with the Quick Booking method, no information is mandatory so you can skip whatever parts of the process you wish.

Check the availability on your Bookings Calendar to see if you can accommodate the booking. This step can be missed if you know that you have availability.

To make a new booking either click the New Booking option in the Bookings section in the menu and the New Booking screen will appear or use the Quick New booking method as explained below.

Tip - If you are checking the availability on your bookings calendar first, you can click on one of the rooms that you want to book as if making a Quick New Booking. You can enter as much or as little information in the Quick New Booking pop up that you want and then click the Open Full Booking button.

All information entered will then be transferred to the New Booking option so you can continue with the booking as needs be.

Follow the steps below or jump from one to another. There are some helpful hints for each stage below: