Day of Week Price Variation

You can set different prices and/or minimum stay requirements for different days of the week. Instructions are provided below.

For example - you want a different price or a 2 night minimum stay requirement for weekends.

Depending on the duration that you want to set the different prices and/or minimum stay requirements would determine whether it's just a matter of making a long term price change or a short term price change.

Instructions :

Go to the Rates & min stays screen.

Select the Long Term method so that it is highlighted green.

Click on any cell that represents the price that you want to change.

Tip - Do not worry about the date as this can be selected in the next stage

A Set Rates pop up will appear with the Set Rates button highlighted green.


  • Ensure that the Rate Type field has the correct iBex rate name selected.
  • Ensure that the minimum stay requirement is the one that you want to change.
  • Select the Date range (which is not set to indefinitely) that you want the new prices applied.
  • Enter the new price in the Base field.
  • Enter a new price in the Additional person field (if applicable).
  • Select Set Rates.
  • iBex will then confirm the changes have been saved so that you can Close the pop up.

Some helpful tips:

  • If you want to add or remove the availability row in the rates calendar, this can be done in your Screen Options.
  • If you want the dates that you are changing to show on the calendar, just select the day before in the mini calendar on the right hand side. After the changes have been saved and you have closed the pop up, you’ll then see the old and new prices on the calendar.
  • Once you have selected a period longer than a week (which is not set to indefinitely), the days of the week appear so that you can set prices for specific days of the week in the date range set (for example, a higher weekend rate).