Back End Bookings

Making A Booking

When making a booking the booking will be made against the rate as it is at the start of the booking. If there is no dynamic rate attached when the booking screen is first opened the rate will not apply, however if a rate rule is already in place then this will affect the pricing.The rate remains the same from the start of the booking to the end, regardless of how the current booking affects the room’s rate availability.

Retrieve / Search

A filter has been added to the V4 bookings retrieve/export to show bookings that were booked with dynamic pricing activated.

Full Booking

The ‘D’ symbol will show inside a booking against any room that was booked with a dynamic rate.


Hovering over the suggested and actual rate will show an information bubble indicating the average dynamic rate which is now in place, and a dynamic rate was in use when originally booked.


The same symbol will show on the overview tab in the rooms section, with the same information bubble.

When making a new booking / adding a new room, the price will be calculated/suggested based on the current rate rules.

Bookings Calendar

The bookings calendar hover bubble will show the price the rooms were booked at, it will not show whether or not a dynamic rate was used.

Quick New Booking will calculate the price based on the current rate rule.