Back End Setup Dynamic Rates

Rates Management

Note: Ensure that the rate is assigned to only 1 room type, Dynamic Rates will not work when a rate is mapped to more than one room type.

On the Rate Details screen (Operations > Rates > Search Rates) there is a new section titled “Dynamic Rates”:


If the rate is mapped to multiple rooms, you will see the following note informing you that the dynamic rate feature cannot be used:


Note: The dynamic rate can be used in conjunction with a linked rate.

Selecting the “Add Another Dynamic Rate Rule”, will allow you to specify the count of availability to which the rate will be applied from, the amount and whether the rule is an amount offset or a percentage offset:


Save the rate once the rules have been setup.

Dynamic Rules can use dynamic rules from another rate to inherit dynamic rules, which are calculated used the availability of the room type attached to the rate that “owns” the dynamic rules. Rates that do not elect to inherit dynamic rules set their own dynamic rules and use availability of their own linked room type.

Lead Time

Dynamic rate will apply after X number of days. For example, if it is set at 1, then the dynamic rule will not apply for same day bookings.


Note: Dynamic rates must be main rates, not a child/infant rate.