Step 2 Extras & Notes


If you have extras registered in your system, you can add them to a booking by selecting it's iBex name in the drop down option in the Extras column.

If you want to add multiple extras to a booking (or if the booking already has an extra added), you will need to click the Add Extra button so that an additional extra can be selected.


You can change any Title or price for an extra by clicking on the necessary field. To remove an extra, simply click the 'x' at the end of the appropriate line.


You can add in public and private notes, select found via (from the drop down menu customised by you), add an Estimated time of arrival, and add an external voucher/Order reference.

Public Booking Notes will be shown on the customer's booking receipt (which is attached to their confirmation) as shown below.

Notes in the booking in iBex (see example below).