Cancel / Amend Invoice

You can amend the descriptive information about any item on an invoice but you cannot amend any actual item. This is because the core information in the invoice is provided by the booking details so if the booking is changed, the invoice will then be incorrect as the original items in the invoice will no longer be valid.

If any booking details that have been invoiced are changed in the booking or if the booking has been cancelled, you will receive an Audit error on the Create Invoice screen advising ...

'Audit Error!! The booking room balance and total of invoice room items do not match'.

You will need to either delete the items that are being changed in the booking and then add them again once they are updated in the booking, or cancel the invoice, amend the items in the booking (whether accommodation or extras) and then create and issue a new invoice (if necessary).

If an invoice that has any payments on it is cancelled, the payments will remain on the invoice. Follow the steps below to cancel an invoice and how to manage any payments.


  • First retrieve the invoice.
  • Click on the Invoice number to go into the invoice details
  • Click the Cancel button and you will be prompted to confirm you wish to cancel the invoice.
  • Once cancelled, the booking items will be returned back to an un-invoiced state so that you can amend the booking items in the booking and then generate a new invoice as required.
  • Once an invoice has been cancelled, a Delete option will be shown. Any invoice created, updated, cancelled or deleted will be logged in the Invoice log in the Reports section in the menu.
  • If any payment has been added to the invoice, the payment will remain on the invoice which will show on the invoice as a credit. You will have 3 options …
  • Leave as is, or
  • Refund the payment by creating a negative payment against the invoice for the same amount (which will then zero the balance), or
  • Manually reassign the payment to the booking or the payee