Reset Audit Errors

In some invoicing screens you will see a button labelled Reset.

The purpose of this button is to clear existing items that can be selected to be invoiced that have not already been invoiced. iBex then refreshes the list of items based on the information in the booking.

Whenever you go to an invoice screen, iBex will automatically do a reset. A couple of instances when you may need to use the Reset button would be:

If you ever see the following Audit Error message...


If you have edited the description in the invoice but wanted to return to the original description

The Audit Error message will only occur when the invoice total does not match the booking total. This will usually be because the booking has been changed after the invoice had been created so the information does not match. Clicking the Reset button will rectify the error as iBex will refresh the un-invoiced items displayed.

If this does not rectify the issue, the items that do not match between the booking and the invoice are most likely already saved to the invoice (which cannot be automatically updated by iBex by clicking the Reset button) so you will need to either go into the invoice (by clicking on the invoice number) and removing the modified item, or cancel the original invoice and create a new one.

An example of this may be when you have invoiced a guest for their stay but they extend their stay by another night. The original dates on the invoice will now be incorrect (and hence the Audit Error) so you will need to remove the original dates and then add the new.