Our system provides you with a awesome email platform which has a shared inbox for your staff so your whole team can work on the emails for reservations colllectively. They can add notes to the messages for other staff which alerts them, and the customer cannot see these. You can also set reminders to follow up on the email and customer later. There are many great features for your email inbox, you can point your reservations email here and start to collaborate on mail.

This is the view when you 1st click on the email app button if your company has just one mail box. 


From here at a glance you can see if you have any new mail in the box, you can also see all mail assigned to you personally or assigned to other team members, you can also see any reminders you have. Here you can also click the  button to immediately start a new email.

You can start to type a email address and if the customer or email in in the DB it will auto populate. You can add the regular CC and BCC and also have a full editor where you can add attachments and upload images etc to build your email


There is also a small icon   which allows you to drop in a saved reply which is a template of an already written email, this is great for having an already prepared quote.

You can also define the status of the email, who its assigned to, and also to send it or send and start another email.