Create A Quote

iBex allows users to create a quote for your customers and email it to them. This provides your customer with the details and a reference number so that you can easily convert it to a confirmed booking at a later date.

A Quote will not have a unit assigned to it so nothing is held for the customer. If you want to hold an option for the customer you will need to Hold an option for them.


Either make a Quick New Booking or select New in the Bookings section in the menu.

Tip - If you are going to email the customer it is recommended that you use the New Booking method as you can then add notes which will be emailed to the customer.

If you are not emailing the customer, you may want to create it using the Quick New Booking method as this requires minimum input but will still provide a reference and be shown on your Bookings Calendar.

  • Please see the example below for more information.
  • Complete the booking details as required.
  • Instead of clicking Book, select Create Quote from the Booking button drop down options.


Once the Create Quote option has been selected, your customer will receive an email notification (if email was opted) providing them with their quotation and any public notes (Booking Comments and Other Info) that you may have added (as shown in the example below).

The quote will be shown in your Bookings List with the unassigned unit and blue Quote icons in the Status column.

You can view a list of your Quotations in the Bookings List by using the Filter button and filtering the search for Status - Quote bookings only. 

Note that the quote will show unassigned as there is no unit held with the booking.

The quotation will remain in iBex enabling you to easily confirm it as a booking at any time.

Example of using the notes fields:

When you add the notes in iBex ...

… the customer receives them in their email …