Room Servicing Timesheet

This is used by the housekeepers to change the service status where they can add notes or read notes. You have the ability to Bulk add comments and statuses as well.

Click on “Room Servicing Timesheet” found under the subheading “Property” in the side menu.

The “Date From” and Date To” picker is defaulted a week but can be changed to a selected date period.

Please Note: The Timesheet is NOT the new housekeeping report, this will be released in Part 2. Although there will be enhancements made to the Timesheet; such as the ability to filter on service types, save your Date From/To options to daily, weekly or monthly, and the ability to order the a column by clicking on the header name.

To update only only one schedule click the grey “Edit” button - you can then apply comments if you wish, select the service type and and click “Update”.

See screenshot below how the Timesheet works: