Provide A Company a private Booking Screen

You can provide any company with their own booking screen which allows them to book direct online without needing to contact you. Their booking screen will show live availability and any prices and rules that you have set for them in their database.

Any bookings made will automatically be assigned a unit (if an iBex PMS user) just like any other online booking.

You can provide them with 2 online booking options:

Via your website - They use their Company ID to login as a Registered User

Custom Booking Link - They are provided with their own URL /web address link

The main disadvantage of option 1 is that they will need to go to your public booking screen to login so will be able to see what your current rates and room types are. This means that if you have offered them 10% off your rates and you have a Special Offer which is less than their rate, they may ask for a further discount. You will also not know that the booking has been made as a Registered User (if they omit to log in) whereas if they are provided their own URL /web address link to use then the booking is logged as being made through their account.

Tip - Any contact and address details that are saved in a company database will automatically be entered in the booking form as their details. All they need to do is add the Guest Name and any notes as required.

The company must be registered in your account so once you have registered them in your database.

Please Contact Support for this feature to be added for any specific Company for you.