Step 3

Set the actual prices you want to Charge

If this rate is set to use a linked rate in Step 1, then the pricing will already be determined from that rate's pricing. If this is the case, the prices can be viewed in the Pricing tab but not changed.

For more information about the functions in the Pricing tab on this screen, click the Help button.

Select the Pricing tab

Select the pricing method you want to use to set the prices - it will be highlighted green when activated (see further instruction below)


Tip - Once the pricing has been saved, it is recommended that you go to your public booking screen so that you can view it like your customers would. That way, you can amend any mistakes (such a spelling mistakes, assigning it to the incorrect room type, etc) and rectify it asap.

Click the link to My Bookings Screen in the Actions section (on the right hand side) and check that the new rate is as required.

Once you are happy with the new rate, you may also want to map it to individual online sales channels in the Channel Manager so that they are automatically updated with this rate and it's availability.

Using the Long Term Method

  • Click on the cell that represents today and the iBex rate name.
  • Set the minimum stay requirement that is required for this rate to be booked.
  • Select the dates that you want this rate to be valid for.

Tip - Click the infinity sign at the end of the 'To' date if you want the rate to be valid indefinitely. If you enter any date range longer than 1 week, the days of the week will appear so that you can set the rate for specific days within that date range. This does not work if indefinitely is set.

Enter the price you want to charge for the Base Rate and any additional guests (if applicable)

Click Set Rates.

iBex will confirm that the rate has been saved so you can either Close the pop up and see the rates on the calendar, or add other rate value (for example, if you are setting a mid week price and a different weekend price).


Using the Short Term Method

  • Click on the cell that represents the date and the iBex rate name you want to set the price for.
  • Tip – If the date is not shown when you want to set it for, select it in the mini calendar in the right hand side and the dates on the calendar will then refresh to that date.
  • Enter the price for the Base Rate in the Base row.
  • Enter the price for additional guests in the Addn Pax (if applicable).
  • Repeat for all dates you want the price valid for.
  • Click Save.

iBex will then confirm that the rate has been saved so you can see the rates on the calendar.