Pin a unit to a Booking

It is possible to 'pin' a booking to a specific unit ensuring that the booking cannot be moved to another unit by another member of staff. This can be extremely useful if your customer wants a specific unit.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Open the booking.
  • Go to the Rooms tab.
  • Click the Edit Ticked Rooms button.

  • In the Unit column, click on the cog after selecting desired unit from the drop-down box.
  • Select Pin Unit.
  • Click Save Changes.

You will now see that the booking on the Bookings Calendar has a pin in front of the guests name.


Once pinned to a booking, you can only change the dates of the booking. You will not be able to assign it to any other room unless you release the unit from the booking.

To release it, repeat the above steps but select Remove Unit instead of Pin Unit.