Booking Calendar Unit Status Icon

Go to the Bookings Calendar

  • Click on the “Screen Options” tab

  • Select the tick box in “Show Room Servicing Status”

  • Click “Save”

If the statuses have been updated in the Room Servicing Time Sheet then it will update the icon on Bookings Calendar. If you have unserviced schedules from previous days or months then the Booking Calendar will show the icon colour for the unserviced schedule status on today's date.

You will see the icon colour just before the unit. The table below explains what the colours represent:

Unit Status Icon Colour

Serviced Green Awaiting Service White In Service Blue 

Semi Serviced Orange Unserviceable Red

(Note: this dot will appear as blue once the only service record left is in service. If a room is in service but it still has other servicing to be completed it will mark as being “Semi-serviced”.)