Find a Booking

There are 2 ways in which to find a booking within your iBex system.

  • On the Bookings Calendar screen (PMS users only)
  • In your Bookings List

On the Booking Calendar

You can search for a booking by adding their booking reference or name to the Find Booking field



  • The booking will then appear flashing on the Bookings Calendar 

  • To open the booking, just click on the booking in the calendar

  • If you search by name and there is more that 1 booking with the same name it will bring up the most recent one made. You can search by first name and/or surname in the search field but a booking reference number is recommended.

In Your Bookings List 

  • You can search by name or booking number and set your own search preferences (such as registration number) by setting them in your Screen Options.

  • This can be very useful if you register vehicle registration numbers in your bookings.

  • You can also use other options/filters available to you:

  • Select More for more options about the guest

  • Select the Filter button to search by booking options (for example, date of stay, booking status)

  • Select Search Bookings in the Bookings section in your menu and your Bookings List will be shown.


  • Enter the name, booking reference, or other options you've selected to search by and click the Search button.

  • iBex will then provide you with a list of bookings according the filters you used.

  • Once you are presented with a list of bookings, click on the booking reference to go into the booking details.