Step 3 Record Deposit, Email , Payment

Record A Deposit

Entering an amount here will not physically take payment. You will need to process the payment before or after making the booking.

iBex will advise you a suggested deposit amount (which is calculated from your deposit and payment conditions). Enter the amount (if any) which you have (or will take) from the customer and the payment method as necessary.

  • If you tick the Hold Payment option, iBex will not log the payment to the booking but log that you have had an authorisation code. This functionality is used by properties who would get authorisation for a payment for a credit or payment card.
  • If a payment is held, the amount held will not be deducted from the booking total amount as no payment has actually been taken. When payment is taken at a later date, you edit the held payment in the booking and un-tick the Hold Payment option so that the payment is then logged as taken in the booking.


Do you want a confirmation email to be automatically sent to the client? If so, tick the Email option.

You can set your preference so that this option is always ticked or not ticked by default in your auto email settings by changing the 'Back Screen Booking Activate' option.

Whatever is set as your default setting can be manually overridden when you're making the booking.

Committing to the booking

Once you click the Book button, the booking is created. iBex will refresh and provide you with a booking number and an overview tab.


If you need to amend any details in the booking you can select the necessary tab.

As well as making a booking, you could create a Held booking or a Quotation by selecting the options in the drop down options as shown below: