Agent Commission Extra

Please follow the instructions below:


1. Ensure you have an extra that is set up to be an agent commissionable extra. For this example, we will call the extra code AgtCmsn. It is a special type of extra that has the following field set in the extras set up screen:


The Charge Method must be Each and the Percentage Charge is set to Agent Commission.


To add this Extra to the Agent/Sales Channel, go to Search Sales Channels and click on the red ID for the Agent/Sales Channel you are wanting to edit.

The Agent/Sales Channel can be set to have this Extra in the Details tab of the setup screen as follows:


Note that the Commission Extras Code will only show extras that have been set up as in step 1.

See it in Action

  • Either create a new booking with this agent added to the booking or add this agent to an existing booking and save.

  • Check the extras. Note that a new commission extra will now be automatically added with the value set to be the commission value for this agent.

  • Change the value of the booking and note that the commission extra will also change value.

  • Remove the agent from the booking and note the commission extra disappears.

  • All customer facing documentation such as booking receipt and invoice will show the commission as the last item in the list.