Promotions Page

This page is where you add all the deals and offers that you want to promote to your website visitors.

You can add as many as you like. On this page you also choose, like all other pages a banner image, the widgets you want on the page, and a heading along with any SEO data you want to enter.

Deals are listed on the page as below, you can create a new one, or edit and exisiting one by clicking on it when the page is in edit mode.


You can add a heading for your deal, a short description, and a detailed description, choose if its active on the website, and also how long you want it to be visible, you can also select to add the fillout form to capture enquires for this deal.

The fillout form automatically adds all new deals to the deal selector drop down of the form, and also all new room types added. 

If you need a more custom form do let us know and we can have a look for you.

This form data is collected and sent to your sales funnel as a lead, the email addresses are captured to a mailing list, and all the form data variables end up in the forms report in the Marketing Module so you can see what your customers were interested in, when they were looking at travelling, and what room categories and what deals were the most appealing.