Booking List

All your bookings can be found in your Bookings List which is accessed through the Retrieve & Search Bookings option in the Bookings section in your menu.

Bookings are listed with the most recent at the top and your Screen Options allow you to set what details are shown about each booking and your preferences for the general search for your bookings (see tips below for more information).


Some useful Tips:

If anything is in red, it means that there is a link to open a new screen.

For example:

If you click on the booking number, it opens the booking.

If you click on the Guest name, it will open that customer's database (if the guest name isn't red then that customer is not saved in your database).

Tip - If you want to open the other screen in a new tab (so that you can switch back to your bookings list), just right click your mouse and select the 'Open in new tab' option.

If a customer has notes or alerts in their database, it is shown by the warning sign as shown in the above screenshot.

If you hover over it, you'll see what the alert/note is.

Set your 'search by' preference in your Screen Options. This allows you to enter what you want to search by in the search field (for example, the booking reference, guest name, vehicle registration number, etc) and adds a column to your bookings list with any applicable information.

For example, a popular preference for users who save the vehicle registration number of their guests is the vehicle registration number option.

They can then enter the vehicle registration number when the customer pulls in and find out who the customer is before they step through the door.