Invoice Agents Comissions

When you sell to an agent or sales channel, you will either provide them a nett buy rate (which they can mark up) or more commonly, provide them with your gross sell rate which will include their commission.

In the latter case, if you intend to invoice them, you will need to raise a commission line item in your invoice. Before you do this, you will need to ensure the following is set:

  • The booking is registered to the agent
  • The agent has a commission level set
  • The commission is logged to a registered extras item

See below for more information.


 For item 1, you select the appropriate agent when creating the booking …

… or after the booking has been created by clicking on the Company / Agent tab in the booking.

For items 2 & 3, the commission and commission code is set in the agent/sales channel’s settings in the Rules section for that agent/sales channel.

If the above is all set and you want to invoice a booking that has an agent or sales channel associated with it.

  • Open the booking
  • Go into the Finance tab
  • Select the Invoice option

You will see a new button in the Create Invoice screen labelled Add Cmsn (see below).

  • Tick the items that the commission applies to
  • Select the Add Cmsn button (as shown above)
  • When this button is clicked, a commission calculation will be applied to each ticked item and will result in a new item shown in the Extras Details section (see below).

In our example we are calculating the commission on the room item only – not the extras items which are normally not commissionable.
Continue with the invoice as normal by then selecting the items that you want added to the invoice (for example, the room and the commission)

Click the Create Invoice button.

You will then be shown the invoice draft so that you can Save or amend as required.

If you go into the Extras tab in the booking, you will see that the commission has been added to the booking as whatever extra you assigned the commission charge to.