Stage 2 Quick Booking

The Room Details 

Click on the Room tab.


  • If the booking is through an agent or a company registered in your iBex account, select them in the drop down option.
  • If you did not select the correct dates or number of nights on the Bookings Calendar, you can amend them here by clicking on the necessary field.
  • If you have an ETA field (as set in your Screen Options), add the time. If left blank, it will default to your standard check in time.
  • Select which room type to book (if the unit has multiple options).
  • Amend the number of guests occupying the room (if incorrect).
  • The number of occupants auto populated by iBex is calculated from the maximum number of occupants included in the base rate of the rate shown (unless the room type or unit has a lower occupancy).
  • You can easily amend the number of occupants by writing over it or using the up/down arrows.
  • This function can be turned off in your screen option settings
  • Select which rate to use and iBex will provide a suggested rate calculated from the rates loaded in the system (which can be overridden if required by entering a different amount in the Rate field).
  • If you want to add more details to the booking such as additional rooms, extras, customer/room notes, or the deposit taken, you can click on the Open Full Booking button which will then transfer any data added to the Full Booking option (including the room details that you selected from the calendar).