Add an Extra to a Booking

Once you have registered an extra in your iBex system you can add it to a booking and assign it to a specific room (if multiple rooms have been booked in the same booking) or to a booking as a whole.


  • Find the booking and go into the booking details.
  • Select the Extras tab.
  • If there are extras already in the booking, click the Add or Edit Extras button.
  • If the booking has more than 1 unit, select which unit to charge the extra to.
  • Select the extra that you want to add from the drop down option (these are listed by category in alphabetical order).
  • Modify the Extra Title if required (which will be displayed on their receipt).
  • Enter the Quantity and date.
  • Manually override the amount to charge or leave if you are charging the suggested rate (see notes below).
  • Click Save Extra.
  • If you want to add multiple extra’s to the booking, just click the Add Extra button so that another line appears. If you want to remove an extra, click the ‘x’ at the end of that extra’s line.

The suggested rate is the unit's individual charge which is taken from your Extras Rates. If the suggested price is incorrect you can override it when adding the extra but you may also want to update the price in your account so that the correct price is suggested.

This can be done on the Extras Rates calendar tab the same way in which you change your other rates.