Printable Voucher

  • This printable voucher will have enough information on it so it can be used to check in a guest by a staff member
  • The second page can optionally be used as a vehicle label (if enabled in the settings)
  • It can be saved as a PDF on a mobile device so it doesn’t need printing.

Example of the “Open Vouchers” displaying the vehicle label:



On the voucher there will also be a QR code with a secure link. When scanned it will:

  • Mark the user as checked in
  • Display the unit details
  • Display the gate pin (if enabled)
  • The display page will be a very simple mobile-designed page with limited access and no menu
  • Specific permissions will be required to access this page
  • Please note some iPhone users currently can not access this screen, instead they will be displayed the standard booking receipt

The user will be required to be logged into iBex for this link to work.